Missing piece

Missing piece

We will meet again,
Under a different sky.
You and I,
Will be one again,
In some other life.

I will love you better,
I will care for you more,
I will hold you tighter,
I won’t loose you,
That time, for sure.

This life,
I am letting you go,
I can’t fight,
With you, anymore.

We will meet again
In a different life,
You and I,
Will finally survive.

Untill then,
I will miss you,
I will wait for you,
To come back to me,
As my missing piece.



You are the wound,
That hurts me the most.
You are the pain,
That has different forms.

Sometimes you hit me,
Like bites of red ants.
The pain is a little burn,
My body crumbles.

Sometimes you hit me,
As a tiring day,
The pain is heavy,
My body gets exhausted.


Sometimes you hit me,
As suffocation,
No oxygen,
Leaving my body
Breatheless, in despair.


You are the only wound,
I am fondest of.
It’s the only way,
I feel close to you,
I feel you.



I have my own chaos,
Bigger than volcanoes.
I have my own fears,
Dark and scarier.

My demons latch on,
Beside me.
Even my shadow,
Has left my sight now.

In all this,
You seem as a saviour.
Your light,
Blinds me only to see,
A never seen bright side.

Only in your presence,
I taste fresh air,
My body ignites with fire,
And the coldness disappears.

What you do?
How you do?
Makes me wonder everytime,
Are you the angel sent for me,
To re-born me again,
In one lifetime.

Manly Penis

Manly Penis

I know some men,
Around me
Who are eyeing on me like vultures.
Ready and steady,
Keenly awaiting
To bite of all my pieces.

For them,
I am just a hole and breast,
No heart,
Not deserving of any respect.


I also know some men,
Around me,
Who are eyeing on me like hawks.
Ready and steady,
Keenly awaiting,
To protect me, from any falls.

For them,
I am a heart and a soul,
My laughter,
My tears,
My dreams
My fears
Matter alot.

These men are no different,
They too walk around,
With a manly penis.
They choose,
To see me beyond my body.
For them,
I am human, like everybody.

They know I too have a,
Heart, that aches when its hurt.
I too have a,
Mind that can creates wonders.

I know some men,
Around me,
Who are eyeing on me like a human,
To them i am not just a hole,
They know,
I too have, a soul.

You are the one

You are the one

How you choose to hurt me,
Is your call.
Your silence, your absence
Has made me fall.

I let you know this,
You have won today.
You have broken me,
In all unimagined ways.

Still, a part of me craves you
Part of me loves you,
I have no shame to tell you this,
My love is stronger than,
Your silly games.

You know the reality,
You know my pain.
Yet, you are blind
Untill you witness my sufferings.

Was this the kind of love,
You promised to me?
In one storm,
You will leave my hand,
Run away free.

I keep telling myself,
Let it all go.
But, my heart whispers,
Let’s wait a little more.

I am tired now,
To make you understand.
Love is not bed of roses,
Thorns come along too.

I let you know this today,
I still await.
I don’t know when you will see,
You are the only one,
For me.



How do I love,
When I don’t have you?
For me, love began with you,
Love was you.

They say,
You get a special love
Once in a lifetime,
Handcrafted by the divine
Our love was that kind.

How do I love,
When I am not with me?
My soul still lingers,
On to your memories.

They say,
True love is never easy,
But, it’s worth every fight.
We have fought with each for too long,
Can we rest beside each other,
Throw away our swords?

The sound of love,
Echoes like your voice.
The meaning of love,
Strikes as an epiphany,
Of your existence.

How do I love,

When I don’t have you?

For me, love began with you,

For me, love is you,


For me, Love shall,

Always be you.